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Beginning students have a 45 minute lesson weekly; more advanced students have an hour lesson weekly. Each student is assigned to a theory group that meets approximately once every four weeks on Mondays from 4:15-5:15. At the same time slot, a studio “play-in” is held in my home approximately every five weeks. Formal recitals are held for all my students January 15th (2:00 pm) and January 22 (6:45 pm) at the Thomas Center. An “end-of-the-year” pool party for parents and children (to receive awards earned during the year) is held at my home May 29th. My students participate in the Florida Federation of Music Clubs Festival both at the district (February 4-5 at the University of Florida, Music Building) and state levels (May 5-6 at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, Florida). Every student enters the solo category; and after appropriate progress, ensembles and concertos are added. Student Day (March 18th at the University of Florida Music Building) which is sponsored by Florida State Music Teachers’ Organization, is a thorough audition wherein students perform two to four pieces, depending on their level, demonstrate technical skills, and take both aural and written theory tests.