Active Parental Participation


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In my opinion, required parent participation is a major reason for the success of the Suzuki approach. Instead of one teacher once a week, the Suzuki student has a “teacher” seven days a week. Suzuki parents have a difficult and time-consuming role, however. They must remember to play recordings of the pieces each day, practice daily and remain positive by recognizing and reinforcing each small step, understand the frustration that may occur when their child is faced with new material, and appreciate and acknowledge what their child has accomplished each day. I was a Suzuki parent for my three children on both piano and violin (for two) so I do speak from “on duty” experience. No parents should enter a Suzuki program without this awareness and commitment. However, the obvious musical rewards are complemented by many fringe benefits, including increased motor coordination, brain development, enhanced memory, and a great deal of self esteem for their children.